About Us

Ladonna Policlinic was founded in 1993 by Hatice Yilmaz in Selamicesme and now has four more branches. Ladonna gives world class service with the help of over 50 employees, a specialist doctor and professional estheticians.

Ladonna, with its professional team and products, as well as its peaceful atmosphere offers beauty and health treatment. Our policy is to use the best quality products in order to provide you the treatment you deserve. The proverb ‘"Premium non nocere” meaning first, do no harm" has been our motto for 20 years. In line with this proverb, we offer you consultancy with our professional team so you can get the right and the most suitable treatment for yourself. Our reference is undoubtedly our growing number of customers.

We invite you get rejuvenated, refined, fitter and purified in our saloons. Our aim is to provide you a good customer service and help you build a healthier life. We attend workshops and training courses to be up to date in this sector and always renew our equipment.

Please contact us if you need additional information.