Fibroblast stem cell therapy derived from one`s own skin cells, turning back the effects of time, autologous fibroblast cellular treatment.

What is the fibroblast stem cell therapy ?

Fibroblast stem cell therapy derived from one`s own skin cells , turning back the effects of time , autologous fibroblast cellular treatment. Cellular therapies , tissue engineering, one of the parts . Stem cells, tissue regeneration is responsible for a deteriorating .

What is autologous treatment ?

" Autologous treatment of the concept of" one`s own tissue cells reproduce placed in the region, which defines the problem . For example, in patients with extensive burns , burn intact skin area multiplied by the area of ​​tissue engineering transplanted tissues . However, heterologous treatment , organ transplants more than one person to another is the preferred transport means .

Stem cell therapy is used in which areas ?

Especially in war , accident, or tissue loss occurring at birth , due to chronic ulcers, festering wounds , acne scars, chicken pox scars , dentistry, periodontal applications , baldness treatment , lip enhancement and wrinkle removal applications for the aesthetic treatment of fibroblast cultures replicated frequently used in Europe and America method.

What are the benefits of stem cell therapy ?

Produced tissue for their rejection , there is no risk of allergy or infection .
The risk of animal disease is absent.
Long lasting and effective.
Other places where injected slip.

How to apply fibroblast stem cell therapy ?

Preparation phase

Area of skin exposed to external factors, at least (usually in the arm or behind the ear ) biopsy under local anesthesia is the size of a pea, under sterile conditions . Aseptically transferred to a solution of cold chain transport with biopsy , licensed by the Ministry of Health sent to the laboratory for cell production . To avoid any allergic reaction , fibroblast production is done with the patient`s own serum . For this reason, the amount of blood taken from the patient is sent to the lab for biopsy .

Fibroblast production phase:

This process lasts about 4-6 weeks , depending on one`s texture qualities .

Implementation phase:

Reaches a sufficient number of fibroblasts cultured from the patient is given an appointment in the clinic . 5-10 ml volumetric deepest part of a pea -sized , 10 million cells in 1 ml ` to be possible to produce the implant . The first injection of 1-2 ml `have used it . The remaining cells are stored in liquid nitrogen vapor with the gradual freezing technique .

Ready fibroblast culture , fine needles with injection given under the skin by a physician . The application is repeated 3 times with an interval of 3-6 weeks .

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