Fractional Radiofrequency

Golden Needle rejuvenating treatment

At the micro level gold needles under your skin firmer and youthful skin by applying radio frequency energy allows you to have your skin loose, wrinkled skin, spots, pimples, and for outside areas of application can do. Ladonna has applied this technology for a long time even though there are more efficient and more reliable Outpatient that uses "golden needles" in the application. Who performs under the needle is the best conductor device under the skin without harming the patient. Radiofrequency waves are transmitted this way under the skin with needles that removes heat up to 60 degrees. To be free from any damage surface on your skin, such as collagen, this method produced directly reaches the region, driven by the tissue, as wound healing is a natural process of getting started. Thus, your skin begins to repair. Mesotherapy, fractional laser and radiofrequency technology toplayar is a single device. Can be applied even in the office environment, a special disposable needles is used. Thus, one of the most important requirements for hygiene and health can be ensured. Golden needle method can be applied in all seasons. Ladonna Polyclinic, offers a permanent solution to your skin against unwanted disturbances. practice considerations with the aim to minimize the pain and soften your skin before the application of a special applied to skin care. Application for approximately 30 minutes. This period may be shortened or until an expert decides. Intensive skin rashes occur in the first 5-6 hours. following 24 hours - 72 hours through the pink, the rash begins. After the procedure our Dermatologist recommended that moisturizing creams should be used.