Smoothshapes XV

Smooth Shapes XV ® secure, comfortable, and a cellulite treatment that provides long-lasting results. The technology offers a completely different approach to the other methods. Smooth Shapes XV ®, as a result of a survey conducted by the American Association of Dermatology in all existing methods of treatment can cure cellulite really proven. Before or after treatment or discomfort, not a prerequisite to any Smooth Shapes XV ®, which became a nightmare for all women fight cellulite effectively and create lasting results. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite or more pounds over non-lubricated occur. The main reason for the formation of cellulite, fat cells, disruption of form as a result of impingement in various parts of the body. The growth of fat cells and the form can not be out of the water by a disturbance in the body`s lymph channels and more than wandering leads to the further growth of fat cells.

Growing fat cells from, where bands of collagen and collagen bands perform printing by pulling down on the skin, called the skin surface crevices creates the appearance of cellulite. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the formation of cellulite, but cellulite is there and only be removed by a suitable method of treatment. cellulite treatment, nor a regular program of exercise, a good diet is not enough, nor, unfortunately, is now an accepted fact by experts. However, with proper treatment, no longer able to get rid of cellulite. Smooth Shapes XV ® is the latest method is developed in the treatment of cellulite. All with their own patented technology that targets fat cells in the body, and thus the surface of the skin to get rid of cellulite that view, Smooth Shapes XV, Turkey, after the United States. Smooth Shapes XV ® is extremely pleasant and without any discomfort with the treatment method of fixing the appearance of cellulite through the skin firmer and smoother appearance.

Smooth Shapes XV ®, a complete system of body shaping. Triggers the formation of cellulite fat cells in the body with the energy of laser and light-shaping structure to provide a more healthy. Deteriorated with the first form of light energy that makes fat cells permeable, with the second stage of the laser light excess fat liquefies fat cells that have become permeable. final stage, with the application of vacuum and mechanical massage, lymphatic channels routed to liquify the fat body and is excreted through the kidneys here. Thus, getting rid of the skin surface with the appearance of cellulite and smooth the skin becomes more tense assured of receiving. Smooth Shapes XV system by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite permanently, and the American Dermatology Association (ADD) to the approved method of treatment.